Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walker reinstates funding to help rape victims - JSOnline

It takes a public outcry to cause this Governor to reflect on obligations he -- and the government -- might have toward rape victims and to prevent child pornography?

Uh, yep.

Walker reinstates funding to help rape victims - JSOnline
Madison - Gov. Scott Walker pulled back Tuesday on budget cuts that would have affected services for rape victims and efforts to fight sexual predators of children.

The move came after advocates for victims and some lawmakers criticized the proposed cuts. The decision preserved some $294,000 for services to victims of sexual assault and $45,000 in funding to prevent child pornography.

"We are now helping make sure that funding goes toward preventing sexual predators from preying on our children," Walker said in a statement.

The cuts had been proposed by the state Department of Justice to handle additional budget cuts that had been required by Walker's Department of Administration.

The $174 million in cuts across state government had been required as part of the 2011-'13 budget bill signed in June but weren't specified by agency in that legislation. In October, the administration said the Department of Justice would need to find $4 million out of those total cuts in its agency budget.

The governor is also restoring a 10% cut to the sexual assault funding that was part of a standard cut made to many state programs in the budget.

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