Sunday, December 04, 2011

Undeterred by a fact based universe, Scott Walker courageously speaks out.

Remember: you can fool some of the people all of the time. King Scotty is depending on it.
But apparently not most of the people.

Walker fails at the facts, again -- this time about the St. Norbert's poll showing that a majority of Wisconsin voters want him recalled.

From Politifact.
As Wisconsin Democrats geared up to begin the process of recalling Gov. Scott Walker, a public opinion survey released Nov. 15, 2011 contained some troubling results for the first-term Republican.

The poll, conducted by St. Norbert College in De Pere and Wisconsin Public Radio, said 58 percent of respondents believe Walker should be recalled. That was an increase from 47 percent in an April poll conducted by the same partnership.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Wisconsin Public Radio Poll on Scott Walker?

If BS was electricity, this poll would be a nuclear power plant.

Every Walker supporter I know is resolute and can't believe how effective he has been as a leader. This is coming from an area where 75-80% of electorate voted for Scott. No one I know has moved away from Walker. In fact, they are excited about Walker's ability and effective leadership to fix the systemic budget problem, so this poll has to be severely flawed.

This poll is a miscalculation on the same level you misjudged the effectiveness of the Tea Party when those protests began.

This poll probably used methods akin to asking all 36 people at Lena Taylor's "Lovehouse" 5 times. Since many of them who say they live at the "Lovehouse" for voting, actually live in Chicago...well you understand how the poll results may be skewed to not reflect legitimate WI voters.

DanBack said...

Kevin - 4 court cases in the past 3 months? Why are you in court so much?

Mpeterson said...

So now we know you don't know how statistics works either.

Dude, keep going. You're making the Tea Party look like... oh, well. You know.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I know how to read statistics...but I'm concerned you cannot recognize a biased poll sample.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


If you must know... My personal information was compromised by the State of WI and I take vigorous action to enforce my legal rights against those making illegal demands.

Is that an issue?