Monday, December 05, 2011

Under Walker, Wisconsin is No. 1 job loser

It's not working. Walker is lying.

John Nichols: Under Walker, Wisconsin is No. 1 job loser

“They didn’t fix the problems,” Walker ranted in May with regard to Illinois officials. “In contrast, we’ve done that. And I believe that’s going to help us attract not only businesses coming in from Illinois (but) reassure employers here in the state of Wisconsin that this is the place, now is the time, to grow.”
This has been Walker’s steady mantra, repeated as recently as this month when he traveled to Chicago.
Unfortunately for Walker — and for the state that suffers under his misdirection — the measure has been made.
And the governor has been proven wrong. Way wrong.
The October jobs figures for the United States were just released. Illinois led the nation in job creation, adding 30,000 new jobs.
And what about Wisconsin?
Under Walker, Wisconsin now leads the nation in job losses.

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