Saturday, December 10, 2011

Following a Walker supporter. Case Details for 2011CF000484 in Washington County

I'm waiting to hear our RightWingers trot out a defense of this guy's freedom to deface Walker Recall petitions.

In the meantime, there's the law:

Case Details for 2011CF000484 in Washington County


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Nobody defends this guy.

But you sure are anxious to shout from the hilltops and label him a "Walker supporter" and "right winger".

In Dane county, teachers and other "left wing" protestors can harass, stalk, and be constantly obnoxious to public officials and Dem. Dane County DA does nearly nothing. (especially the pink dress guy) This means the "left wing" Dane County DA literally defends and supports these illegal "left wing" protest activities.

In Washington County, a guy scribbles over a few names on a sheet of paper and we throw the book at him.

Not saying we should go easy on Mr. Kranitz, but there should be some equal protection for "right wingers" and some punishment of "left wingers" for stalking and harassing of our public officials. Stalking and harassment should be at least as serious as scribbling over a few names.

JPenterman said...

Well then, you should be reporting the acts to the police.

Helen Bushnell said...

You should have asked him if he had ever read the Constitution.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


These acts have been reported and the Dnne County/ Madison police and DA do very little.

As an example: the progressive doofus that has been stalking and harassing legislators that poured a beer over Robin Vos's head because of his voting on Act 10. The doofus got nothing near to jail time.

This is way worse than scribbling over a few names.

They both should get same punishment.

Our legislators should not be afraid to go to a restaurant and fear these kind of lunatics. I would argue punishment of this doofus is just as important to democracy as preventing scribbling over a few names.