Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The record of Left Wing violence.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Talk about a blind eye to left wing violence...Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Chavez, Mugabe.

Was this post in the Onion?

Or were you trying to indicate that left wing ideology, responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths the past century, doesn't torture and kill as many people as it used to?

If so, I'm fascinated by that attitude. Let's talk about the left wing murder rate in Venezuela, and its left wing darling leader, Chavez...the murder rate in Venezuela rivals the Pol Pot killing fields in many respects.

Mpeterson said...

Your criticism would be better if I had any reason to believe that 1) you actually believed what you were saying and 2) you hadn't equivocated on use of the term "left wing".

But, nice to see you.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

And you did not "equivocate" in your post on the term "right wing"?

It's funny how that rule does not apply to you.

So you do not want to talk about the current Marxist daring/thug, Hugo Chavez?