Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Join the Republican war on teachers.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

If it's truly "for the children", wouldn't teachers work for free?

Last I checked, teachers were still being compensated at same pace, only that they had to pay a little bit more for some of their pension and health ins. costs in school districts that utilized Act 10.

If this debate is not "for the children", then I could see some teachers being upset with some of the changes.

Is this debate "for the children", or not?

Bob Rettmann said...

Ah, Kevin. Certainly you are not suggesting that someone should not be compensated for the work they provide. And you call us Communist.

Bob Rettmann said...

Oh Kevin, surely you are not suggesting that someone should not be compensated for the work they provide. And you call us Communists?!

JPenterman said...

a little bit more?
You are unaware of the facts.

If for the children, work for free...
Sounds like the attitude of someone who cares not 80+% of the staff are women, or maybe that's why they should work for free.

If you were really about satisfying hunger, wouldn't you at least have a double coupon day?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

We had an unsustainable system.

Walker fixed it.

If teachers pay is so bad after the Walker fix, why do 400-500 people line up for one teacher job opening?

These are well paid jobs, otherwise people would not be clamoring in droves when teacher position opens up.

When it comes down to it, very few teachers would be able to find another job in the private sector with better pay, health ins. and pension.

I'm just puzzled. If it's truly "for the children", Act 10 should not make a difference because the teacher does it for the love of the children.

If a teacher is upset because its about them and not the children... Quit. Find yourself a better job. In this economy is nearly impossible. There are thousands of poeple in WI, now, wishing for that very same job the teacher has.

Bob Rettmann said...

Oh, there are still people looking for work? I thought Walker fixed that?

If all he did was put teachers out of work, then what exactly did he fix?

The Lord of Everything in Existence said...

I really hope Kevin finds himself on the street someday, maybe then he'll realize how his logic can be so self-defeating.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I would never wish for such a thing for you.