Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adbusters and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Reality is stranger and more interesting than fiction. Some insights into the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the Creators of Occupy Wall Street : The New Yorker

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Did you see the story how the food preparers/chefs at NY Occupy were complaining pan-handlers and vagrants were eating their free food?

Irony moment: Not only did the Occupy protestors put the kabosh on the free handouts to their fellow man, the food service workers bitterly complained they were "underappreciated" and being taken advantage of, working 16 hour days.

I find liberal hypocrisy to be somewhat amusing.

Free the food service slaves at NY Occupy!!! It's the compassionate thing to do.

I think several Federal and State regulatory agencies should be investigating regulatory compliance and food safety practices going on here. Someone at the protest could get sick with all those food handling violations. Regulators should also be looking at all the STD's being passed around at Occupy, in the interest of public health and safety.