Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Shopping at Menards helps plutocracy? Nuts.

Koch's donor list from the Journal.

Here's the link to the Mother Jones article.

Menard, Hendricks on Koch donor list - JSOnline


Kevin Scheunemann said...

First farmers and the WI Dairy Cow, now you are against bargain home improvement supplies and fixtures?

Of course Menard supports capitalism! Home improvement stores like this, that improve quality of life, especially for poor and middle class, do not thrive in the socialist oppression of Europe.

Your post is just more hate of extraordinary human achievement that Menards represents.

I can see you will not be happy until everyone in the private sector is under your dictatorial thumb.

(Personally, I don't think a philosophy professor could run a farm, or home improvement store, for a week without it being a disaster.)

Leftist Lutheran said...

Thanks for posting this. I subscribe to Mother Jones but hadn't seen this yet. I guess we'll have to be doing more shopping at Lowes, Home Depot, amd the local hardware store.

DanBack said...

Europeans don't improve their homes? Do you really believe that Kevin? Have you ever been to Europe? I lived there for a year. You sir, are so full of shit it's unbelievable.

JPenterman said...

Gee, Kevin, how much of Menards stuff comes from a communist nation?
Does your beef come from democracies?

Leftist Lutheran said...

uh no...
I, for one, will continue to spend my money in the private sector, just no longer at Menards. KS: are you suggesting that you should be able to tell me where to spend my money and for which reasons? My, my, how capitalist is that?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Do Europeans pay the same bargain prices that Menards offers?

(Given the gas prices in Europe, on freight cost alone, it would be impossible.)

This translates into less buying power for the poor and middle class in Europe for home improvement. (I never said Europeans did not improve their homes. I was implying they are less likely to be able to afford it, like Americans.)

Leftist Lutheran,

Not telling you to shop at Menards or not to shop at Menards. You can buy from whoever you want (unlike public schools.)

I'm just amazed at the leftist hate for a business supplying jobs in Wisconsin and West Bend!

Are you part of the anti-Wisconsin jobs Lena Taylor fan club? She wants a boycott of business supplying Wisconsin jobs as well.

I'm going to chose Menards the next home improvement trip I need just because a certain UWWC professor has told me not to shop there!

Other Side said...

Mark. Please tell Kevin NOT to jump off a cliff.