Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie

I heard in one of the upcoming recall ads that Walker's budget cut millions and yet saved 1000s of teachers' jobs!

Better Right than right!

Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie - The Plum Line - The Washington Post


In the real world, of course, labor unions actually agreed to those concessions, yet Walker pressed ahead with his union-busting proposal anyway, which is what prompted the whole battle.

Various efforts to submerge this truth have been central to conservative arguments about Wisconsin throughout this battle. Prominent conservative columnists such as Charles Krauthammer have pretendedthat Walker’s proposals shouldn’t have surprised Democrats, and that Dems subverted the will of the people by resisting them, which is aprofoundly distorted history of what actually took place.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker himself has sought from the beginning to downplay the importance of his union-busting proposal by insisting that he campaigned on it. Politifact decisively debunked that claim, and Walker himself subsequently admitted under questioning that he hadn’t explicitly campaigned on the proposal at all.

The real reason Republicans and conservatives need to continue dissembling about what happened is that poll after poll has shown that the American people sided with public employees in this standoff, and don’t think their bargaining rights should be taken away. It’s fitting that the public face of the national GOP is seeking to elide this inconvenient fact and falsify the history of events in Wisconsin one last time on national television for all to see as this whole affair comes to its conclusion.

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