Wednesday, August 17, 2011

West Bend, front and center in America's Banned Books Week remembrances.

Our little klan of fundamentalist rabble rousers has kept us front and center. Check the site and click around on the map!

Mapping Censorship | Banned Books Week

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SafeLibraries said...

The last book banning in the USA occurred about half a century ago.

Further, the link is an American Library Association [ALA] site having a "censorship map" that is plagiarized by the ALA from the true author who admitted the map was not reliable.

"Check the site and click around on the map!" Fine, if unreliable, plagiarized work is your thing. Instead, here's something to check and click around on: "How ALA Plagiarism Becomes Truth Through the Media Lens; SafeLibraries in USA Today."