Monday, August 08, 2011

Strachota, and the rest of the Wisconsin Echo Chamber, get the jobs number wrong.

In her column in the West Bend Daily News over the weekend, state Assembly Rep Pat Strachota -- a generally non-insane Republican voice for our corner of the state -- was apparently overwhelmed by the Walker echo chamber when she writes:
The end result is that Wisconsin’s ranking has risen for places to do business and in June jobs created here accounted for 50 percent of the jobs added in the entire nation. [My italics...] These early results show we are on the right track and can only continue to improve. Quite a stark contrast to our state’s previous tax and spend policies. The Legislature also passed legislation to require a two-thirds super-majority vote to raise income or sales taxes unless a statewide referendum supports the increases. This will ensure that Wisconsin stays on the right fiscal path.

This little meme of disinformation went around pretty quickly, and was debunked pretty quickly as well. Apparently Rep Strachota didn't see that memo....

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Wisconsin Republican Party says more than half the nation's job growth in June came from Wisconsin

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