Monday, August 15, 2011

Bachmann starred in movie warning public education would spark new Holocaust

of course....

Bachmann starred in movie warning public education would spark new Holocaust | The Raw Story

In a strange revelation Thursday, Mother Jones magazine unearthed a mostly forgotten 2002 movie that stars none other than Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann during her days as an education activist, warning Americans about a coming second Holocaust brought on by the U.S. public education system.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

"Progressives" have done a good job expelling Christianity from the public square and making religion "verboten"... you are surprised Christians react to the intolerance of the radical left this way?

I'm not surprised at all.

Michele Bachman really worries you, doesn't she?

I was liking Rick Perry, but your attack on Bachman has me reconsidering whether I should support Bachman.

Although next to the worst President...ever, (with possible exception of Carter) nearly any Republican would be an improvement to what we have.

JPenterman said...

Interesting. Then you supported Bush II's two wars and tax cuts? Spending beyond are means? ...and by supporting Bachman, you consider public schools a socialist/communist/fascist factory? You allow the students of public school to dish out ice cream? Oh, wait, your establishment is set up to hire students to screen what public schools are teaching. Your God, you're a genius.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Your argument would be more convincing if the progressive religion was not permeating today's public schools.

If you are serious about removing ALL religions from public schools, demand the removal of the religion of global warming and the religion worshipping government as god.

Then you can be consistent in your argument about expelling religion from public schools.

I'm only demanding equal time from the leftist religions permeating the curriculum today.