Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alberta Darling delivers for out-of-state billionaires

She's merely a caddy in the country club of America... and still hopes one day they'll let her be a member.

John Nichols: Alberta Darling delivers for out-of-state billionaires

As co-chair of Wisconsin’s powerful Joint Finance Committee, Sen. Alberta Darling was charged by Gov. Scott Walker with cobbling together the most anti-public education budget in state history. And Darling delivered, with a plan to slash $800 million in funding for public schools across Wisconsin while scheming to shift tens of millions from the state treasury into the accounts of private schools.
Darling was not doing just the governor’s bidding, however.
She was delivering for the American Federation for Children, the powerful national network of billionaire campaign contributors that has been pouring millions into school privatization projects in numerous states.

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