Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alberta Darling caught in a big lie.

Held off on the worst lies until pretty close to the election. Desperation looks like this.

Although, Darling hasn't called her a baby eating Satanist yet. Maybe she's saving that one up for Monday.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling says Rep. Sandy Pasch voted to allow using tax money to pay for Viagra for public school employees


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Taxpayer paid erections for teachers is the natural result for the out of control public employee collective bargaining system. (Perfect example of why MPS is never about the kids.)

We can finally stop letting the state employees run us. Taxpayers have gotten control back. We are all better off for it.

Sandy supports going back to that out of control collective bargaining system where many (not all) public employees used the collective baragining system to abuse taxpayers.

Hardly a "pants on fire" when Sandy supports returning to the insanity.

Vote Alberta!

Mpeterson said...

Oh, that's right: proof doesn't work on you anymore. :^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I take my cues from you on political debate :^)