Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Crisis.

They're now out of the WMC closet.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Crisis – Far More Serious Than The Ruling On Walker’s Anti-Collective Bargaining Law - Rick Ungar - The Policy Page - Forbes

However, the decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court revealed something far more shocking than the ruling which went against the supporters of collective bargaining. It revealed, by way of written opinion, a now ‘out in the open’ battle between the members of the court wherein the minority opinion bluntly and directly accused the majority of fudging the facts to reach the decision they had already determined they wanted to reach. The minority opinion further alleged that the majority was driven by political motives rather than the desire to deliver a fair and judicious opinion.

In the world of the law, this is beyond huge. This is gargantuan.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

And what judge Sumi did...illegally interupting the legislative process was just dandy?

Mpeterson said...

I love it when you go off like this Kev. It's clear you aren't familiar with any of the details. If you take the time to read the Court's order you'll find, under Justice Crook's opinion, that judges are in fact, required by law to interrupt the legislative process when they legislature fails to follow the Open Meetings law. You'll also find that the state legislature passed laws that allow a judge to void any acts created if they've failed to follow the Open Meetings law.

Really, it helps so much to read things before commenting on them.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

It was the most open and broadcast legislative conference meeting in the history of the state!

Rep Barca's "buzzes and clicks" are still broadcast constantly.

DanBack said...

Come on Mark, reading is for the ivory tower liberal elite.

Only lazy, unproductive, smelly, bearded liberals have time to read that stuff. The taxpayer who works for a living supporting those bums simply doesn't have the luxury for it... which is why they outsource their thinking to people like Belling.

Kevin, have you read those books Ginny wanted removed from the library yet, or are you still content to outsource your thinking on that subject to Ginny?

Grant said...

judges are in fact, required by law to interrupt the legislative process when they legislature fails to follow the Open Meetings law

Not any more. The court has effectively nuked the OML as it applies to the legislature. Two birds, one stone.

Mpeterson said...

Exactly Grant... with Prosser the enforcer to choke off debate.

This decision should embarrass even the whackadoodle conservatives.

Notice how Kevin ignores the legal implications? Law not important Kev? Not when you have power, apparently.

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Doyle passed a $1 billion tax increase, without any public hearings...where was your complaining about "open meeting laws"?

When you get congruent with your indigntion about the OML, maybe I can read your indignation without laughing.

When Doyle was in power, you were content to screw hardworking small business owners, without hearings, in the Doyle budget.

This is why you look arrogant on this issue.