Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The trouble with Ayn Rand... review.

She who lives by market share, eventually dies by market share.

The Trouble with Ayn Rand

Civilization teeters on the brink: they’ve made a movie of Atlas Shrugged.
| in First Things

I suppose I should have seen it coming. It’s the fashion of the moment. Ayn Rand and her idiotic “Objectivism” are enjoying a—well, I won’t call it a renaissance, so let’s say a recrudescence. Suddenly she is everywhere. In the stock television footage of Tea Party rallies, there she always is on at least one upraised poster, her grim gray features looming over the crowd like the granitic countenance of some cruel heathen deity glutted on human blood. So it goes. At least it answers one question for me. Civilization is always a fragile accommodation at best, precariously poised between barbarism on one side and decadence on the other, and as a civilization dissolves it begins to oscillate between them, ever more spasmodically, until the final collapse comes. Call it morbid curiosity on my part, but I often wonder where the debris of our civilization will ultimately be heaped; and, if this film portends what I fear, now I may know the answer. Rand was definitely on the side of barbarism.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...


No call for government subsidy of the Atlas Shrugged sequels?

It's clear, capitalism, and the free market, is an endangered viewpoint in America...isn't protecting endangered viewpoints the reason we fund PBS?

I'm a little disappointed you are against government funding of diverse viewpoints.

Oh wait a minute...that's not exactly discriminate by advocating funding of viewpoints you like. (aka the recent West Bend School board debacle.)