Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ryan’s Cowardly Budget. An attack on regular Americans.

This is how you pay for more tax breaks for the few -- on the backs of regular wage earners.

Ryan’s Cowardly Budget — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Giving money to DC to waste on Antartic Jello wrestling and running sick shrimp on treadmills is NOT an attack on regular people by wasting their tax money????

When you have an OPM (Other People's Money) addiction, you have to cut the funding of the addiction off when the behavior is destructive to everyone else.

The OPM addicts DC are never satisfied. So make no mistake, as in Europe, pilfering the so-called rich is never enough..."progressives" eventually come after regular people as well.

That's why the Tea Party is so successful. "Regular people" recognize that, and you continue to insult them.