Monday, June 13, 2011

Madison360: Walker's scorched-earth start nearly complete

Ah, open for business.... you know, before you can plant a new crop you have to burn everything else to the ground.

Madison360: Walker's scorched-earth start nearly complete

Most of our state's national notoriety in 2011, of course, has been around Walker's efforts to destroy the state's public employee unions.

But the list of other extremist proposals is staggering, even if all of them don't go through: extravagant corporate tax breaks; boosting private schools with vouchers while slashing public education; attacking environmental protections that touch stewardship funds, recycling laws and phosphorus bans; attacking crucial health programs including SeniorCare, Family Care and a broad range of services offered by Planned Parenthood; passing tort "reform" that's shorthand for reducing consumer rights; passing the heavy-handed voter identification law; a gun-promoting "constitutional carry" law; rejecting wind energy and almost anything that touches on urgently needed, future-focused mass transit.


Plus handing back millions and millions in our own federal tax dollars because.... yeah, I don't get that either. It's our money His Lordship is giving back to the feds.

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