Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ayn Rand & GOP vs Jesus

Ayn Rand & GOP vs Jesus | from Crooks and Liars

I suppose there is some sense in which the GOP's love of Rand's libertarianism squares with their professed love of Jesus...

-- yeah, I was kidding. It doesn't.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Wait a minute---

What about the "progressive" holy grail of separation of church and state?

It is OK to invoke the New Testament, and Christ, for government policy?


Let's get School Vouchers passed so we can give parents the choice to teach our kids the New Testament in choice schools.

I know--you really don't believe this, but I find it interesting, given that you are a separation of church and state zealot, that you are willing to invoke Christ into government policies you want.

Keep in mind, Christ encouraged cheerful giving of one's time, talent, and treasures to the less fortunate. Taxation is not cheerful giving, judging by your many blog entries on the subject.

Cheerful giving is done willfully, voluntarily, and from the heart...not through the compulsion of the tax code.