Monday, May 23, 2011

Wisconsin GOP eliminates committee studying impact of nanoparticles

Because Knowledge is bad for business?

Study high tech solutions that would bring new industries to Wisconsin?

-- "No! Wait! That's just what they'd expect us to do."

Last week, and without much reason, Republicans killed a study committeeestablished in 2007 to examine the potential health and environmental effects of nanoparticles used in an array of consumer goods.
“They're throwing pretty much all studies done last session in the circular file,” says Rep. Terese Berceau (D-Madison). “Doesn't matter to them that business people and experts from around the state devoted long hours to the committee… didn't matter that our recommendations would have facilitated the creation of good paying jobs. [They] killed it just because."


Democurmudgeon said...

Big story. Consumer Reports did a huge expose' on nanoparticles, and it wasn't all good. It's what we don't know.

Bacteria, viruses are blocked out by the skin. Nanoparticles aren't. What that means in the big picture?

The registry would have been an important recourse in case something went wrong.

I'm going to look into getting that article.

Anonymous said...

No, they killed it because any study might turn up information that indicates some way in which nanos may be harmful. If this information is not known then they can be used in any way that makes money, regardless of danger or consequence. If LSD were discovered under Walker's watch, it would end up in babyfood, studies and regulations and consumer protections are wrong.Bad for business.