Friday, May 20, 2011

Unfortunately for West Bend, Rapture is delayed.

West Bend's embarrassment at the international level over the past few years has been brought about almost entirely by a smallish group of brilliantly organized cult-Christians who, despite the US Constitution, keep trying -- with the self-satisfied smirk of all cultists but without success -- to force our political system to the blinkered and narrow channel of their fossilized theology...

So, like, a lot of us where hoping for the Rapture tomorrow. Either they'd go, in which we could return West Bend to the charming, tolerant, altruistic, and economically viable Wisconsin hamlet it is, or the rest of us would go; an even happier outcome for these Puritanical Pharisees who would then, finally, have a free hand to craft West Bend into the golem-like Theocracy they dream about.


End of the world NOT coming May 21, evangelical author Steve Wohlberg says of Harold Camping's claim

As people across the globe wait to see if the world will end Saturday, one evangelical minister says don't panic because it won't happen.

Well, not yet, anyway.

"Nobody knows the exact day when these things are going to happen," Steve Wohlberg, who has written more than two dozen books about the End of Days, told the Daily News Thursday.

Wohlberg believes the theory that the world will end on May 21, a date set by 89-year-old Family Radio founder Harold Egbert Camping, is "flat-out wrong."

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