Monday, May 16, 2011

Those Who Can, Teach. Those Who Cannot, Pass Laws About Teaching

I should probably cross post this to What Glenn Grothman got wrong this week, since Glenn is also an expert on what's needed to prepare the next generation of obedient American sheep...

-- wait... see?   The idiocy-kryptonite is already starting to affect me.

Anyway, nice entry from the folks at Nine Kinds of Pie

Those Who Can, Teach. Those Who Cannot, Pass Laws About Teaching

Making the rounds on Facebook is a button I’d very much like to purchase.  This sums up the last decade of U.S. educational policy: “Those who can, teach.  Those who cannot, pass laws about teaching.”  From “No Child Left Behind” (promoted by President George W. Bush) to the comparably flawed “Race to the Top” (promoted by President Barack Obama), educational policy has been guided by ludicrous ideas like: rather than giving public schools the funds they need, they should be forced to compete for less money.  Also: instead of creating conditions that foster learning, let’s focus purely on testing.  And let’s not forget this one: instead of making college affordable to all, states should gradually stop supporting higher education, shifting that cost onto those who can least afford it — the students.

Because it's better to be Right than right. ;^)



Kevin Scheunemann said...

You've been awefully quiet about the LA Times editorial this week about the great light rail BOONDOGGLE in California!

L.A. Times editorial board has been rabid liberal in support of light rail. They came out and slammed it as an utter disaster!

You should thank Scott Walker for dodging the bullet of the train for Wisconsin.

Its money that can now be used for teachers or professors advocating for government boondoggles!

What was that phrase, "those who cannot teach..."

Clearly, sound economic decision making is not within the parameters of the UWWC philosophy dept.

Mpeterson said...

I love the idea of public education as a boondoggle... although it's pretty clear you should sue the UW for failing to have provided you with an eduction. :^) We were clearly not up to the task. For what it's worth, I apologize for having failed you.