Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gay Straight Alliance locked out by fundamentalists on West Bend School board.

Violating federal statute, their own policy established criteria, and simple human decency, the three fundamentalists on the West Bend School board temporarily blocked club status for the local GSA.

The law is clear on this and they'll either come around or, as members of this same cult have done in the past, make West Bend the laughing stock of North America -- oh, plus cost the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees... before losing their case.

In the meantime, here's a song for the Church of Maziarka and Weigand.

Remember Ginny: every time you open your mouth, you make your adversaries stronger.

Taylor Swift - "Mean" from Taylor Swift on Vimeo.


Other Side said...

Speaking of David Weigand, I was a contemporary of his in high school ... he skulked around then with Bible in hand then, too.

Wasn't too bad at tennis, though.

Other Side said...

Thinking about it, I now recall a different Dave who played tennis. Just clarifying ....

Mpeterson said...

He still has his skulk down though, grinning like a naughty child every time he turned on his mic.