Friday, May 27, 2011

Budget Bill to Damage Wisconsin's small brewers.

First they came for the Jews, then they came for the trade unionists. Now they've came for the small non-macro brewers....

Budget Bill to Damage Wisconsin's small brewers.

The Chapter 125 Branch Legislation would:

All Wisconsin Breweries and Brewpubs will be negatively affected by losing their Wholesale and retail licenses and the benefits those licenses provide.
Eliminates the current option of a brewer choosing to self-distribute or starting a Wholesale Distribution Company.
Eliminates a Brewers current right to have ownership in two restaurants.
Protects (Grandfather Clause) currents Wholesalers retail licenses, while eliminating that benefit for new start up Wholesalers.
Unfairly burdens new Wholesalers and breweries with a requirement of 25 separate independent retail customers before a Wholesale license can be granted.
Eliminates the ability of Brewers to sell existing retail or wholesale operations separately from the brewing operation.
Eliminates current Wholesale investment in privately held Wisconsin Breweries while allowing investment in out of state and foreign and publicly traded breweries.

Of course you realize, this means war.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Your problem is, you think rights flow from government.

When you have disdain for John Locke and the concept of natural rights, then you cede those natural rights to government, and the associated carnival of insanity that government on the state and federal level represents.

BTW, the "when they came for the Jews..." quote was about SOCIALISTS! The Nazi's were socialists. So if you are going to use a quote of a religious leader who was alluding to the natural right to live, one would think you would denounce your oppressive socialist tendancies first.

Just a thought.

Mpeterson said...

Really Kevin?

The Nazi's were "socialists"? Is that anything like you calling yourself a "conservative"?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Nazi ideology stressed the failure of capitalism, the free market, and democracy...very much like today's "progressives" or "socialists". (Progressive advocacy of "democracy" in today's movement is very debatable.)

I think you are completely "over the top" to use one of the classic historical quotes, warning of socialist Nazi oppression, and applying it to deregulation of micro-brewers in WI.

Have you run out of serious issues and things to be righteously miserable about? (There's taxpayer funded jello wrestling in the Antartic you could be indignant about...why night scream about that government and taxpayer indignity vs. this?)

Glad to see you have not banned my posts...yet. Does a "philosopher with socratic attitude" normally take such a position?

Mpeterson said...

Why do you think I publish any of these trolls Kev? :^) My other correspondents enjoy your Look-At-Me-I'm-John-Galt neotenies -- no one bothers to troll posts they think are untrue. QED.

Of course, you have become a walking example of the failure of the university to produce thoughtful citizens. That, I confess, is a bit embarrassing.

And I apologize for having failed you.

DanBack said...

Kevin - are you able to talk about any topic that you haven't first heard discussed on Belling/Rush/Fox or read on Drudge? I've never learned anything from you that I didn't hear about 12 hours earlier from your usual sources.

What grade did you get in Mark's course way back when?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

You did not deny Nazi's were socialists.

Applying one of the great historical quotes warning of socialist Nazi oppression, to a WI issue on deregulation of micro-brewing, may show the university could failing society, if you are being serious.

Maybe I need to get my Kiwanis Club to re-think its scholarship program to UWWC. Easing regulation in WI 2011 is not at all equal to what the mass murdering socialist workers party did in Germany in the 1930's and 40's. If you think they are the same, many of us in the Kiwanis Club will, no doubt, consider the trivialization of the evil of the head socialist, Hitler, indoctrination, rather than education.

I helped establish the UWWC scholarship with the Club (as Club President at the time). I did not consider my time at UWWC a failure, but if you do, maybe we need to seriously re-evaluate where that education money goes.

If we do that, is it OK to tell the Dean it was on your advice?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


Belling did talk about this yesterday, I submitted my comment about 4 days ago. There is a big delay with blog author publishing comments.

I disagree with Belling on this. As long as Scott Walker adds an exemption for all microbrewers, I think its decent legislation. It sounds like that exemption will be added for microbrewers.

I took issue with Prof. Peterson, not with his stance on the legislation, (which I probably agree with if its going to punish the microbrewers in its final form)but comparing this to the Nazi persecution of Jews during WWII.

That is ridiculously "over the top".