Sunday, April 17, 2011

You're not imagining it: Republican Tea Partiers really are racists.


They keep providing it.

Republican Tea Partiers just can't seem to get enough of those Obama/black people/chimpanzee jokes | Crooks and Liars

This is the image e-mailed to her friends by Orange County Republican committeewoman and Tea Party activist Marilyn Davenport.


retire05 said...

But the posters portraying Bush as a chimp, and the ever popular liberal bumper sticker "Bush Is A Chimp" was OK in your book?

Mpeterson said...

Everything can be a bit context sensitive. There is no tradition, for instance of racist comments referring to the alcoholic slacker children of rich white men as monkeys. Black kids get called monkeys, in deliberately racist contexts, all the time. Maybe you haven't been exposed to that kind of meanness?

Milhouse said...

What the @$%^% has that got to do with anything. Do you deny that Bush was repeatedly called a chimp by your compatriots, for eight years, and you said not a word in protest? Do you think that was racist? If not, then how can you determine that the exact same thing said about the current president must of necessity be racist? How do you know it's not motivated by exactly the same non-racist thinking that produced the Bush portrayal?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

So calling Bush a Chimp was OK?

Its funny how you hold yourself out to be the Lord of the context.

Can we call that the "Peterson religious denomination"?

I can articulate your first religious tenant: Complete demonization of people that don't hold your point of view.

The second one is: Show no compassion for any hardworking taxpayer.

You can fill in the rest.