Saturday, April 02, 2011

With plenty of interesting differences between him and Kloppenburg, Prosser's people decide to lie?

This seems to be a pattern on Team WMC these days... resorting to complete nonsense when they could win on the merits of a case.

Maybe this is why Prosser's honorary campaign chair walked away from the campaign. Character is, after all, an issue.

Not the sort of thing we expect to see in politics these days.

Anyway, here's the lie ^H^H^H misstatement.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Ad says JoAnne Kloppenburg jailed an 80-year-old farmer for refusing to plant native vegetation on his farm

Citizens for a Strong America claimed in a TV ad that Kloppenburg "put an 80-year-old farmer in jail for refusing to plant native vegetation on his farm." Wayne Hensler did refuse to plant native vegetation and he was 80 when he went to jail. But it is impossible for Kloppenburg -- or any attorney -- to put someone in jail.

What’s more, the ad leaves out 11 years’ worth of context. Hensler repeatedly ignored orders from county and state officials -- and then from a court -- to remedy an erosion problem. He was found in contempt of court three times by two different judges. And when Hensler was finally put behind bars, it was on the order of a judge for contempt of court, not merely refusing to plant native vegetation. Kloppenburg didn’t even request the jail time.

The claim against Kloppenburg is ridiculously false.

We rate it Pants on Fire.

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