Friday, April 15, 2011

Why have Republicans stopped acting like Wisconsinites? Of course -- They're ZOMBIES!

I had suspected it.

YouTube - WI Rep.Terese Berceau-ZOMBIES!


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Is "zombies" the new radical left "teabagger" insult?

Weren't you the one denouncing the term "egghead" as hurtful to decribe university professors?

Here you are using much more hurtful terms....

Time for a compassion lecture?

JPenterman said...

Teabagger is an insult in itself. the tea party calling itself the tea party is a joke. The Boston tea party was a protest against the East India Company, the world's first true transnational corporation.

The tea party would be more honest calling themselves economic libertarians.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

"Economic libertarians" does not jazz up emotion like the label "tea party".

One is an abstract idea. The other taps into emotion of an event that most Americans believe helped to found the greatest nation ever created.

Its the difference between handing you a book on philosophy vs. having Mark Peterson in the room to tell you what it means.

This is why progressives are afraid of the "Tea Party". There has never been so much emotion behind the logic of economic libertarianism before!