Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the Tea Party's America

Michigan Teachers Forced To Rely On Food Stamps

The Union of Teaching Faculty reports that Central Michigan University professors are now eligible for government assistance:

CMU has record assets and revenue, but is allocating money to top administrative salaries—some of those for a medical school that doesn’t even exist yet! –Instead of to the underpaid faculty and staff who make CMU work.

CMU’s nontenure-track faculty members are paid so poorly that some of them fall below the federal poverty line—even while working full-time. The University’s current pay proposal for full-time faculty would leave intact the possibility of their needing (and being eligible for) government assistance to get by. 

Gutting services that actually SERVE the interests of the middle class is not "good business".

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

When a family of 6 can make $59,979(200% FPL for family of 6) and still get food stamps, that is a problem of the Federal Government spending, NOT teacher pay!

In WI, one is Cat. qualified for food stamps at 200% FPL.

So you get a "pants on fire" for suggesting/assuming 100% FPL (or poverty level) for teacher pay in this article! Drawing food stamps does mean Federal Poverty level! Teachers could be qualified for food stamps at double that level! (And because of crazy government program calculations, in some cases well over 200% FPL!)

Check your facts before you spew untruths.

A family of 8, living in Alaska, can make $94,119 a year and get food stamps according to the 2011 USDA chart!

Your article demonstrates just how absurd government expenditures in this area has become.