Sunday, April 03, 2011

Story - About the Budget Repair Bill, as told by a Republican police officer

Speaks for itself.

Story - About the Budget Repair Bill, as told by a Republican police officer
I still voted nearly always republican. I supported capitalism and although slightly envious of Kevin and his success, I never once thought that he should not have more than me. I was never one to take the hard left socialist view of taking from the rich, and “redistributing” to the poor. I got to see the welfare leaches at work all the time. Got that public assistance card and section 8 housing, but still could seem to have enough money for the 55” flat panel TV, cable internet, and plenty of beer and cigarettes. Under the democrats, it seemed like Wisconsin was “open for business”, but the business was crime and welfare seekers from Illinois. Time to close the border and make Wisconsin a lot less appealing to the free loaders, I thought.

Vote for Walker to straighten up this mess!! Yes! Yes, I did. I voted for Walker to be tough on crime as republicans historically are. End this Doyle / Raemish early release crap! End traffic stop collection data. End crazy spending and balance the budget.

Then February 11th came. Governor Walker, the man I voted for. The man who was going to put Doyle to bed and turn the ship around, spoke. His budget repair bill was announced and it was the shot heard around the country. He was now calling ME the haves, for being a public employee! I was the problem that the state is broke from my huge amounts of income and my retirement account. ME?? I thought. All of a sudden, I am the bad guy because I work for “the big bad government”. For 25 years, I was the “have not” while Kevin was the “have”. In a matter of days, I was now the reason that Kevin lost his house. We talked about the situation and he became upset that I still had my little house while he did not! He cried “foul” that “his tax dollars” padded my pockets while he had to work for all his money. “I didn’t work for my money?”, I thought.

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