Friday, April 01, 2011

Something to consider:

Big Government Social Conservatives have ideas about how the world is supposed to work, and they are about their Master's business.


James Dionne said...

It's posts like this that make people not want to read your blog anymore Mark. I've noticed post after post with 0 comments, and if there is one it's usually Kevin and he doesn't really count. You've turned from witty libertarian to straight up angry far leftist. I used to read your blog because it usually had intelligent and thoughtful counterpoints that made me really think about where I stood on political issues. Now you're all just liberal rhetoric, like the polar opposite of Glenn Beck. Kind of sad, really.

Mpeterson said...

This is always one danger of polarization... as the crazy-Republicans get crazier, simply calling attention to their extravagances makes *you* look crazier. All the noise with Mr. Walker would never have happened had they simply followed the law, and their own rules, carefully and avoided the carnival huckster advertising the Club for Growth clubbed us over the head with. Merely calling attention to the malignant corporatism of that puts me in the same frame as Michael Moore. But... well, how about that.

I think redefining rape was freakish and prurient... like Mr. Huckabee's version of Christianity -- or Kevin's understanding of libertarianism. I thought this little poster was affectively pointed. Over the top?

I suppose it is possible to fight fire with water instead of fire... but fire is occasionally more satisfying -- especially when you're in the right (instead of On the Right). ;^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...


I don't mind your persoanl insult of me, but?

Mark Peterson is a "witty libertarian"?

Since when?

Sometimes he takes a libertarian position here and there, but generally, Prof. Peterson appears to advocate big government and crony capitalism. (Where government cronies in DC and Madison pick winners and on Obamacare waivers and light rail chho choo train contracts)

Mpeterson said...

lol. Actually, Kevin it seems likely you have no idea what my actual politics are... but I inevitably score in the left wing Libertarian quadrant on most political tests: right next to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in fact.

I'm trying to reconcile my opposition to the corporate takeover of America with being in favor of Crony Capitalism... and your stated opposition to crony capitalism but relentless support for policies that increase it -- but then I remember that you're not actually interested in the content of anything posted here and it all makes sense. :^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

You keep on "reconciling".

The stronger you make the government, by continuing to over fund it, the more attractive it is to the crony capitalists to "take over" why do you want concentrate wealth with the use of government?