Friday, April 15, 2011

Ryan's hissy fit over Obama's budget. Who’s Serious Now? -

Krugman, as usual, gets it right.

Who’s Serious Now? -

Then people who actually understand budget numbers went to work, and it became clear that the [Ryan's] proposal wasn’t serious at all. In fact, it was a sick joke. The only real things in it were savage cuts in aid to the needy and the uninsured, huge tax cuts for corporations and the rich, and Medicare privatization. All the alleged cost savings were pure fantasy.


Kevin Scheunemann said...
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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Obama demonstrates how clueless he truly is on this subject.

He votes against raising debt ceiling as IL Senator then rips Republicans for not raising it?

Obama claims he is much smarter as President now and understands why debt ceiling needs to be raised when he's in control...

That is the classical musing of a dictator in the making.

How many of the Obama voters are proud for voting for Obama now?

I'd hang my head in shame and ask for forgiveness if I had voted for this guy