Friday, April 01, 2011

Rep. Robin Vos pushes UW to discipline faculty over email

Suppose faculty in the public health department wrote emails about an epidemic that was caused by one political party dragging its feet for ideological or religious reasons. Would email in that department on this political topic, surely likely to cause a change in how people might vote, be a violation of the proper use policies? Or wouldn't they, in fact, have a civic obligation as the state's leading experts on epidemics, to say something using state resources?

It seems more likely that Rep. Vos doesn't really understand the relevance ... and utility to the taxpayer... of academic freedom.

Capitolisms » Rep. Robin Vos pushes UW to discipline faculty over email

Vos told Reilly it’s the university system’s responsibility to “ensure that taxpayers are not subsidizing political activism in the name of academic freedom.

“I am a big believer in academic freedom, but organizing for and against collective bargaining seems to me to not be a wise use of taxpayer dollars,” Vos said. “And many of the emails I have gotten have the last part (.edu), where I know where they came from, and I look at the time and I kind of scratch my head and think, maybe they’re walking over the line.”

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