Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Real History of the Tea Party... why knowing history matters.

It's worth the 15 minutes.

Thom Hartmann Tells the Real History of the Tea Party | Crooks and Liars

This Thom Hartmann segment about the history of the Boston Tea Party and the spark that lit the movement is extraordinarily enlightening. Multinational corporations were controlling the people, and the government was supporting the corporations. In particular, the East India Company sparked rebellion, since they were given so many exemptions, tax preferences and other breaks by the British government.

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Ordinary Jill said...

I've been saying all along that the modern Tea Party movement more closely resembles the Whiskey Rebellion than the Boston Tea Party. They were probably afraid that having "Whiskey" in the name of their astroturf movement wouldn't play well in the Bible Belt.