Sunday, April 03, 2011

Koch Brothers' Heavy Hand Behind Anti-Kloppenburg Ad

A nice bit of digging into CSA...

Is that a West Bend connection? Owen, is that you?

Cognitive Dissidence: Koch Brothers' Heavy Hand Behind Anti-Kloppenburg Ad, Everything Else In Wisconsin

A shadowy group called Citizens for a Strong America (CSA) has run an TV ad against JoAnne Kloppenburg, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Said ad was recently evaluated by PolitiFact Wisconsin and was found to be "ridiculously false" and was thus given the dubious "Pants on Fire" rating.

The article, besides evaluating the ads factual correctness, also pointed out an issue of question regarding CSA:

Oh, and from there it gets even more interesting. Tip of the hat to CD!



Kevin Scheunemann said...


Would give you "pants on fire rating" for denying that Kochs support "progressive" issues through CATO.

Your implication that Kochs soley funds conservative issues and Scott Walker is a huge lie.

Kochs heavily support CATO. CATO is a Libertarian think tank that is against corporate government bailouts, crony capitalism, against war mongering (which probably interesting since you embrace Obama's Lybia war mongering now), for legalization of drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc....those are all PROGRESSVE issues/causes.

So anytime you imply Koch brothers exclusively support conservative issues, you get a "RIDICULOUS PANTS ON FIRE". I'd also give you a "FRAUD" rating as well for representing Kochs as "conservatives".

You can't even say you are against corproate government bailouts and crony capitalism when you support things like the choo choo train and "alternate energy" government pork handouts, which is a huge form of government slop/pork/corporate welfare.

It seems Kochs have more "progressive" principles than you.

Is that what upsets you? Kochs are more principled "progressives" than you, by funding institutions truly against corporate welfare/crony capitalism?

Just curious.

Other Side said...

Koch = Progressive? Kevin, what are you squeezing into your ice cream?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other side---

If you take the time to understand the "complexity" of organizations the Kochs fund--they support many progressive causes through CATO.

CATO is a solid, less government, right to be let alone, from government, type policy forum.

Visit CATO. You will see many strong policy points progressives support...especially strong policy positions against corporate bailouts and corporate welfare!

Last I checked, Progressives were against both (choo choo train issue aside).

That's why I'm puzzled at the pure simplistic liberal/progressive assertion that Kochs are "conservative", they are obviously "libertarian"!

This issue alone, blows apart the theory that "liberals" are more complex, psuedo "science" in the article above.

This Koch thing has been so obvious, but progressives/liberals ignore the simple facts of just what the Kochs do fund.

This Koch thing has made liberals look dumb. Its like calling Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton conservative. The label would not fit in that context either.