Friday, April 01, 2011

Huckabee Says He Wants Americans To Be Indoctrinated At Gunpoint


Huckabee Says He Wants Americans To Be Indoctrinated At Gunpoint by David Barton | Video Cafe

Mike Huckabee Says He Wants Americans To Be Indoctrinated At Gunpoint:
Did Mike Huckabee just flush his presidential aspirations down the proverbial toilet? Well, if American mainstream media has an ounce of journalistic gumption remaining the answer most certainly would be “yes”. Huckabee has just been caught on video, at a Christian supremacist conference, stating that Americans should be forcibly indoctrinated at gunpoint. The organization which hosted the “Rediscover God In America” conference, United in Purpose, has edited Huckabee’s comment from footage of his speech, but not before People For The American Way’s Kyle Mantyla captured the unedited footage, in which Mike Huckabee states, “I almost wish that there would be, like, a simultaneous telecast, and all Americans would be forced–forced at gunpoint no less–to listen to every David Barton message, and I think our country would be better for it. I wish it’d happen.”


Kevin Scheunemann said...

So does this mean you are against the ACTUAL gunpoint enforcement of the elderly 80 year old farmer, marched off to jail, DNR "indoctrination" over the right kind of grass to plant on his land?

One would think you would denounce the ACTIONS of Kloppenburg, before an IDEA of the Huckster.

You are looking inconsistent, and foolish, for not denouncing the actual gunpoint "grass planting" indoctrination of Kloppenburg.

Actual ACTIONS are more dangerous than dumb ideas.

wbman said...

Again with the Big Lie, Kevin?

Kevin Scheunemann said...

The farmer never would have landed in jail if he was not being endlessly terrorized by the state DNR.

I know that feeling--being relentlessly terrorized by irrational bureaucrats, who even interpret their own bureaucratic rules in an opposite manner!

I beat a similar DOR sales tax auditor with same disgusting, "gotcha" view of citizens as Kloppneburg. That DOR auditor had similar irrational interpretations of archane rules. I fought the issue and got a refund out of the audit, but it cost me $10,000 and 2.5 years of my life!

I testified before a State Senate Committee on the out of control DOR. The DNR is even worse.

Where is the lie? If citizens would not be terrorized by irrational bureaucrats, interpreting rules in crazy ways, many citizens would be content to be left alone and not have to fight "progressive" insanity.

So I'll accept your apology for your "lie". When the weight of irrational regulatory government rules come down on you, you are guilty until innocent!!!!

So the minute Kloppenburg started, this farmer was guilty.

Check out my State Senate committee testimony on DOR behavior. DOR "slithered" out of room when I got done testifying. They had no apology, no rationalization.

Its people like Kloppenburg that think this is acceptable treatment of taxpayers, the producers, the leaders of our society.

Kloppenburg is the exact type of bureaucrat I will fight to keep from getting power and abusing innocent people!

What about Tom Barrett? He's, by far, the biggest polluter in WI and Kloppenburg and DNR have thrown no one in jail over all the sewage dumping????

Is it because the 80 year old farmer cannot afford a good lawyer?

What kind of justice is that?

When will "progressives" have some compassion for the average citizen just trying to make a living?

All I see is a lack of compassion from progresssives these days. I never know when the next government bureaucratic attack will come for me and possibly cost me my business and my employees their jobs.

wbman said...

No, Kevin, he was not "endlessly terrorized". He was a stubborn man who knew exactly what he was doing. It's interesting how you keep focusing on the DNR and Kloppenburg, while totally ignoring the two judges' roles.

As for your testimony, if it was as frenetic as your last post, I would have run, not "slithered", out of the room.

Other Side said...

Er, Kevin. The charge against Kloppenburg by the shadowy group paying for the ad was proven false.

Haven't you got anything better to do than propogate lies. Not very compassionate of you.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other side,

I have compassion for people under assault from any state bureaucracy.

Even you do not deny Hensley was assaulted by this bureaucracy.

It's a guilty until proven innocent system and it VIOLATES THE VERY FOUNDATION of this country and it needs to stop!!!

Will you join me, or continue to advocate the liberal bureaucratic oppression?


Your criticism of my written testimony is well taken. I am not a professional liberal lobbyist, only one ticked off citizen! My oral testimony at hearing was much more passionate. I caught FULL attention of the entire committee in attendance, something previous speakers did not do. Most of the audience members took time to say I was the "star of the show". (1 passionate citizen, is worth 100 DOR reps and lobbyists) I was chased down by several State Assembly reps (both on and off the committee) after the hearing and asked to submit a written outline to the record. I did not understand to bring written summary/outline for the Senate record at the time. So I wrote what is on record AFTER the fact, upon REQUEST of the Republican committee members that care about taxpayers! (Only 1 Democrat was there, rest of Democrats were AWOL. That Democrat was there for special tax treatment of out of state filmmakers in hearing before...which was ironic, given the digusting, two face, "gotcha" standard her taxpayers in state suffer at hands of DOR!!!!)

Democrats want special tax break treatment for Hollywood filmmakers, while average taxpayers get terrorized by shifting and changing rules at home?????

Is this what progressives advocate?

(To be fair, Republicans did also advocate the filmmaker tax break, but then also stood up for me as well...Democrats...nothing...crickets!!!! That was the day I realized that many Democrats, are the true elitists and don't care about the average working taxpayer.)

You should have been there. It would make anyone renounce Democrats as a force for the little guy, private taxpaying, working stiff, citizen.

So you can see, this is why I have total sympathy for Hensley. I know what he went through! I will never stop exposing these out of control liberal bureaucracies! I am hopeful the new power structure will de-claw both the DNR and DOR.

Who knows, someday they may come after you...

Will you help?

Other Side said...

"Even you do not deny Hensley was assaulted by this bureaucracy."

I agree no such thing. This man deliberately ignored numerous requests to respond. It is simply a case his being an ornery old man.

And by the way, Kloppenburg receives her orders from others, so why is it her fault for doing her job?

Kevin Scheunemann said...


That is the biggest lie ever.

DNR does not request, they FORCE!

Request???---I snorted my glass of milk out my nose when you said that.

It shows the reality divide that "Progressives" have with the real world, the concept of property rights, and the special treatment of the big time polluters like Tom Barrett.


Your response was fascinating, while very disturbing at the same time.

Other Side said...

Kevin, whatever happened to law and order? If it had been a liberal, you would be climbing all over this person for not being responsible.

Give it a break.