Saturday, April 09, 2011

Glenn Grothman: now desperate and lying to save his skin?

Glenn's been sending out pleas for help that include increasingly hilarious, and vicious, lies.

I guess it's not surprising and I feel weirdly honored to be lied about like this.

It could be, of course, that he simply wants the money.... hard to say.

Here's the latest.

From Apr 9, 2011 Grothman Letter


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Just for giggles...which part of the letter was the alleged lie?

Are you sure that you are the "professor" in mentioned in this letter? Which leads me to believe that you feel that you fit the "professor" profile mentioned...Why?

Did you do something in the context mentioned in the letter to make you feel that way?

When I got my copy of the Grothman letter in the mail, I did not envision you as the "professor" mentioned. You can be a little off-color in the classroom, but I would never believe a "witty libertarian" would do such a thing.

So I'm not inclined to beleive that you are thee professor mentioned.

Using a philosophy professor to raise money is a big yawn, from a political standpoint, anyway.

Methinks you flatter yourself...just a little.

Free Lunch said...

A left-leaning Republican? Grothman really has no conception of left and right.