Friday, April 01, 2011

Fitzgeralds can only blame selves

With about a gazillion clever -- and LEGAL -- tricks available to the majority party, including simply using their majority to pass a bill, for which they had a majority of the required votes, the Republican leadership... for reasons of what -- hubris? ... had to go around the law.

... did I say that already? They didn't have to act illegally but did anyway?

And here we are.

Fitzgeralds can only blame selves

The Fitzgerald brothers are complaining loudly about a Dane County judge holding up their collective bargaining bill.

But it's their own fault for winding up in court to begin with.

Had Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald simply given 24 hours of public notice before a key committee meeting and vote last month, their bill would now be in effect.

Instead, because the Fitzgeralds got cute with Wisconsin's open meetings law, the bill is stuck in an exhausting and complex legal battle that could drag on for weeks if not months.

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