Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wisconsin, you now have fascism in place.

This is that whole "tyranny of the majority" thing or what Federalist 10 calls "the violence of majority faction."

Senate orders arrest of missing Democrats

Next they'll pass a law that forces them to vote YES as well. Why not?

There is no rule of law when the laws are changed to suit the economic whims of those in power.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

The missing Democrats are essentially overturning the results of 2010 election.

What would you say if the Republican Senators fled to stop a vote on Doyle's $1 billion tax increase that passed in 36 hours from start to finish in last budget?

I think you would be calling for 20 years to life, minimum, for Senators in that instance, for "destroying democracy"!

The fact you defend these Democrat Insurrectionist Senators means you demean the elections we held in 2010. So you advocate destroying the 150+ year tradition of elections in WI?

Shocking and bewildering to say the least.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

I missed your "tyranny of the majority" epistle when it came to Obamacare passing?

I also missed your "tyranny of the majority" epistle when it came to Doyle's $1 billion tax increase passing from start to finish in 36 hours?

If you say nothing when the government forces you to buy a commerical product, or be jailed. Or say nothing when that government raises taxes by $1 billion in a blink of an eye without a really have no right to give a "tyranny of the majority" lecture/epistle by comparison.