Friday, March 04, 2011

The Wisconsin Idea: when Republicans weren't Koch addicts.

The common man is now in the hands of those for whom profit, rather than justice, is the sole criterion of value.

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed
Custom in this case is the Wisconsin Idea, a notion that sometimes refers to the relationship between university and state but has a richer and more resonant history tracing to the state's pioneering Progressive tradition. Its personification was the Republican Robert M. La Follette, who served as congressman, governor, and senator between the 1880s and 1920s. Through direct primaries, voter recall, civil-service standards, corporate taxation, regulation, and expert policy counsel from university scholars (rather than, say, corporate lobbyists)—a set of reforms together known as the Wisconsin Idea—La Follette sought to deal with what he called "the problems of vast financial power in private hands" on behalf of "the common man­—the worker, the farmer."

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

The Kochs support progressive causes!

Kochs help fund CATO. CATO supports legalization of drugs, gambling, prostitution, and opposes corporate bailouts!!!

Why are progressives trying to throw the Kochs under the bus? Kochs support causes and issues important to the progressive agenda...unless progressives now support corporate bailouts...the CEO union bosses get paid more than some company CEO's!

It's shocking to see progressives embrace corporate union bailouts.

Where are your principles?