Tuesday, March 08, 2011

We have engaged the Sensenbrenner.

A report from the front.

Daily Kos: In Which Poppa Sensenbrenner Sends Us to Bed Without Supper

Then Poppa Jim called my name. I came to the mike, and said that while I had a series of questions I was eager to ask, I felt I had to follow up on the last response, because the congressman had not actually answered the question. Why did he feel it was an appropriate use of our tax dollars to give $40 billion to the richest, most profitable corporations on earth?

His response was that he felt that we got a good return on those dollars, and that without subsidies our gas prices would be through the roof.

Well, so long as our Representatives sell out the middle class to help make other rich folks richer, I guess it's okay.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

Did you see the video?

Looks like Union members need to attend the anti-bully seminars being put on in public schools.

So we tell kids not to bully and then show them on the 6:00 clock news, adults, some of them teachers, egging the intimidation on, bullying Sensenbrenner and Vukmir.

Then you post it?

I think you believe in bullying and intimidation.

I'm a little disappointed by that.