Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walker wastes no time breaking promises.

You gotta admire this kind of consistency... plus it looks like he'll be accidentally raising taxes on Wisconsin families claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit in order to pay for those tax breaks he's giving his wealthier patrons.

Lena Taylor speaking a bit of truth: wispolitics.com/1006/110329Taylor_release.pdf sums it up. Here's one nugget.
• Specifically breaks at least 3 campaign promises made by Walker –
1. Raises taxes on working families (Americans For Tax Reform pledge)
2. Fails to authorize the reopening of tourism centers closed in the last budget. (Campaign Website)
3. Walker’s budget contains policy items and pork projects for the Governor (Campaign website

1 comment:

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Breaking news.

Lena Taylor put together a coherent sentence?

Wow. (Now if she could explain these alleged "pork projects")

After that Chicago radio interview, while on the lam from her job, illegally, I wasn't sure coherent sentences were possible with Lena.

Although, I have to thank Lena for making me laugh, hard, for about 8 minutes, during that interview. Normally, "progressives" have a hard time doing stand-up comedy.