Friday, March 18, 2011

Walker reins in environmental regulations... to make money for friends.

We'll need to get rid of the FDA next too... but right now, let's start by hacking away at the water supply. Pesky regulations.

Walker reins in water rules - JSOnline

Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill proposal would roll back regulations designed to protect waterways from weed-producing phosphorus and other pollutants that wash from streets and construction sites.

The changes to water pollution rules - some of which were approved as recently as last summer - are coming under fire from environmentalists who say the existing regulations are needed to clean up lakes, rivers and streams.


Kevin Scheunemann said...

You know, through the campaign last year you accused Scott Walker of not being an "adult" consistently on some rather tenuous assertions.

But yet, have said nothing about spoiled rich kid, Chris Abele, not appearing on a DWI charge for 7 years, not having a valid drivers license for a number of years, ignoring a bench warrant active against him for a number of years, not appearing on a charge of throwing fireworks at his neighbor's mansion, and incurring tons of parking tickets. Those are concrete facts of someone who does not deal with the consequences of their behavior.

Where is your "adult" lecture for Chris Abele?

I don't like seeing you so incongruent on an issue like this.

Do you want to denounce Chris Abele in a joint press release?

Teacher in Cheeseland said...

Do we really need clean water, recycling, preserved farmland, undeveloped wetlands, etc. as long as we have a balanced budget...?