Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walker hates veterans too.

Walker doesn't think much of teachers, but now it's clear he doesn't think much about veterans either.

Nope. Not surprised. Privatization in order to funnel money to his friends will always trump responsible public services for Walker.

Grass Roots: Fallout on veterans fuels insider critique of state budget


Ken Black is in the rare position of not depending on the governor for his job, but on the Board of Veterans Affairs that appoints him, and he's airing his concerns about the Walker budget right on thedepartment website.

In a letter posted earlier this week, he says thebudget does not reflect the state's historic "commitment to provide the benefits and services our veterans need and deserve."

Black is concerned, he says, the budget does not act to preserve the Veterans Trust Fund, where officials have known for years that earnings can't keep pace with service demands, by providing more money for veterans services. Instead funds dedicated to the state's nursing homes for veterans would be diverted to subsidize other services and fill the trust fund deficit, he says, and funding for veterans assistance programs would be cut by 53 percent. What's more, the operation of a planned new veterans home in Chippewa Falls would be privatized.

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