Thursday, March 03, 2011

Walker: a fascist and a liar: Wisconsin is not broke.

Once you tell the lie enough, people will believe it even in the face of the facts.

PolitiFact Wisconsin | Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says Wisconsin is broke

Meanwhile, in January 2011, Moody’s issued a national report that combined state debt and pension liabilities. Moody’s studies and rates debt issued by governments and corporations, and its ratings can affect how much those issuing bonds will have to pay in interest.

The report says that combining those obligations makes it easier to compare the fiscal health of states. Those with the highest ratings have the most serious debt burdens, which makes them less appealing to investors.

Wisconsin’s rating was 37th as measured by the amount of debt per capita, 38th (debt by GDP) 39 (by personal income) and 41 (by revenue).

"States’ liability rankings versus revenue or economic measures tend to be indicative of the nature of risks these states carry in funding their obligations over the long term," the report says.

So according to the Moody’s debt ranking, Wisconsin fares well when compared with other states. That’s one measure of the state’s fiscal health.

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TT said...

Wow! Those senators better come back soon, the longer they stay out the more disingenuous this budget repair bill sounds.