Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2011: Less Vast- More Powerful - The Policy Page - Forbes

I think I might have said "More powerful, but only half-vast."

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2011: Less Vast- More Powerful - Rick Ungar - The Policy Page - Forbes

In issuing an apology to the Clintons, conservative-turned-liberal writer, David Brock, admitted that he had been a part of such a concerted effort to interfere with the administration when he first brought the Paula Jones scandal to the public’s attention. Brock later discovered that certain Arkansas state troopers had been paid money to give testimony against Clinton, casting the entire affair in a very different light.

That money came from somewhere.


Nowhere has the impact of the right-wing conspiracy been felt more deeply than in the State of Wisconsin – for now.

I have written, in some detail, of the involvement of the Koch Brothersand their front organizations – such as Americans For Prosperity – in the effort to destroy the Wisconsin state employee unions.

But they have not acted alone.

Take, for example, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, who ante upped big for the fight in Wisconsin. The organization, founded by John Birch Society co-founder Harry Bradley, (another co-founder of that organization was Koch Brothers father, Frederick Koch) has $460 million in the bank, available for the fight against America’s unions.

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