Monday, March 28, 2011

Spending would increase under Walker budget

Okay, get your lists out.

Republican elected Governor by claiming he'll control costs. Check.
Republican cuts services to the middle class to pay for tax breaks to wealthy. Check.
Republican budget ends up costing taxpayers more. Check check check.

Analysis: Spending would increase under Walker budget - JSOnline


Kevin Scheunemann said...

If you do all this complaining when Walker increases spending 1.7%...what would happen if we actually cut government spending?

Don't you consider the past 3 months of your blog rather foolish now?

Other Side said...

Why did I know that Kevin would be the commenter even before I opened comments?

So now, increasing spending is okay.

And, Kevin referring to someone else as foolish is delightful.

Teacher in Cheeseland said...

@Kevin Scheunemann,
Yeah, but he promised he'd CUT spending...

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Other side,

I take my commentary cues from the Motely Cow.

So now that strategy is a bad thing?