Friday, March 25, 2011

Scott Walker Kills His Wisconsin Union Busting Bill By Publishing It

Scott Walker Kills His Wisconsin Union Busting Bill By Publishing It

The irony here is that they didn’t kill their bill by passing it without the necessary quorum, violating state Open Meeting laws or publishing it in violation of a judge’s order; they killed it with their own hubris. Now that it’s published, it is much easier to have it stopped permanently. It can and will be fought on all of the above grounds as well as countless others — amounting to a “tsunami of legislation” against the anti-union law.

By publishing this bill, Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans remind Americans about the fatal flaw of the modern day Republican Party: It and its leaders lack judgment. The publishing of this bill which was now not only passed while violating state law but now published in violation of a court order smells vaguely but sickeningly of George W Bush’s arrogant invasion of a sovereign nation. Just as Bush refused to wait for the UN, Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans could not allow the process to play out properly. Instead, they went all rogue cowboy and reminded us all why we swore we’d never vote Republican again.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

The "legislative reference bureau" published as required by law, within 10 business days.

What the lefty Dane County lawyer and Dane County Judge forgot was to restrain the legislative reference bureau. They only restrained the Secretary of State from publishing.

I call it what it is: A mega legal blunder for progressives.

Nice try on turning complete leftist legal blunder into a Republican mistake. It was a foolish court decision to begin with, that is now moot. (Having courts interfere with the procedure of legislative process, very bad for checks and balances of the system.)

Publishing is a total victory for abused taxpayers.