Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Primer on the Wisconsin State Budget Process

Finally, a professional speaks:

Daily Kos: A Primer on the Wisconsin State Budget Process

To summarize: Wisconsin doesn’t yet HAVE a 2011-2013 budget, because the governor hasn’t yet assembled one. Not having a budget means you can’t have either a surplus or a deficit. The $3-4 billion “deficit” you hear about is almost entirely accounted for by the COMPLETELY TENTATIVE AND UNAPPROVED initiatives (the Y factor) from the state agencies, most of which will quickly fall like overripe apples in November. And this state of affairs is COMPLETELY NORMAL for this time frame in an odd-numbered year.

Again, in simpler language: Wisconsin isn't broke. The Governor is broken.

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Kevin Scheunemann said...

This is the most hilarious thing you have ever posted.

So when Doyle raised taxes by $1 billion to cover the structural budget deficit in the last bienium, that deficit was real and this one is an allusion?

Funny, I did not hear your tortured explaination of the metaphysical properties and lack of existence of the last budget deficit under Doyle.

Could the difference here be: Doyle's deficit was real because you got to plunder Other People's Money (OPM). When plundering OPM is off the table, you minimize the real deficit issue to keep spending like you do have OPM?

You are looking a little incongruent on this issue.

Why is a deficit real, when the sacrificial lamb of OPM is on the liberal alter ready to be sacrificed to the god of big, oppressive, government?

I'm fascinated by your change in philisophical stance on the existence of the WI budget deficit in 2009 and 2011.

Maybe we need to have a UWWC lecture series on the radical political evolution of WI structural budget deficits...I'd call it "A study of political bias and the liberal religion in the UWWC philosophy department".

Just a thought.