Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Palin interview: Can you refudiate the notion that it's a 'squirmish' in Libya?

Palin on Fox News. Imagine this running the country.

Change of Subject: Can you refudiate the notion that it's a 'squirmish' in Libya?

And here it is:

Yeah, and those are very legitimate questions on both sides of the aisle, and uh ya know another big question that has to be asked, right, is, are we at war? I haven't heard the president say that we are at war and, and that's why I too, uh, am not knowing do we use this, the term "intervention," do we use "war," do we use, uh, squirmish, what is it? What I know is that U.S. interests are not being met if Gaddafi stays in power and if we are merely taking a back seat to the Arab League, to the United Nations, to NATO leadership while we just kinda put our finger up in the air and decide what the political winds are around the world, not necessarily knowing and, uh, believing that the U.S. interests must come first in this.

[Greta says something to the effect that a "nuanced" rationale for a war is "disconcerting."]

That's disconcerting, but I had a little bit of hope during his speech when he mentioned the North Star. I, I mention the North Star so often. The North Star is part of the Alaska flag, where we, uh, up here are able to use as our GPS, as kind of our, our plumb line, the great North Star with its abiding light, o'er land and sea, a beacon bright. We look at the North Star and it helps us, I believe, it helps me, stay focused on what really matters, so when the president mentioned the North Star tonight, I thought, Hey! Maybe he gets it, maybe he understands what the U.S. interests are, how committed we need to be to *winning* in this intervention, in this war, and yet even from there, the reference to the North Star, he kind of wandered off again and allowed more of the inconsistencies and the questions and the kinda the, the dubious rationale being used, more of that, just, just being revealed.

Greta: Governor, thank you.


wbman said...

I actually had to check out the video for myself to make sure the transcript wasn't some kind of parody or joke. This woman is an absolute idiot, and it doesn't say much for our country that she's taken seriously by so many people.

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Where are the "anti-war" marches?

Where are the "Obama lied" signs?

Is Michael Moore the only progressive with backbone to stand up to Obama's war mongering?

The Motely Cow's response to the Libya issue has been--in one word--cow'd.

Very disappointed by your new found war mongering.

TT said...

Thought provoking comments wbman and Kevin, and I'd like to add "How are we going to pay for this one?"