Friday, March 25, 2011

Old News: did Prosser help child molesting priest evade justice?

Ghosts in the closet now appearing...

Justice Prosser urged parents not to press case against priest pedophile, new documents show
After Prosser declined to bring charges, Feeney went on assaulting children in at least three states. Feeney, according to a review by church officials, had reports and allegations of sexual misconduct in every one of his 20 assignments, including “his very first one.”


Kevin Scheunemann said...

Victim says Prosser made the correct call!

I'm ashamed for you and for the UWWC philosophy dept. for posting this.

This was a judgment call made by someone doing his job. The vicitm still says Prosser made the correct call.

I can't believe you would criticize, more than 30 years later, the victim's wishes for political gain. "Disgusting" does not begin to describe your actions by posting this.

Chis Abele had a court order for his arrest out for 7 years, fairly recently, fir DUI and you have not uttered a peep about it.

I'm disturbed by your double standards. You should take down your "Socratic attitude" label, it could be false advertising.

I'll be very surprised if you have courage to post this comment and maintain this post.

I'll pray for you to find some compassion.

Mpeterson said...

Very good cherry picking Kevin.

I love being lectured on compassion from someone who's entire political ideology is based on taking advantage of suckers. Especially in public like this. Please continue.

I guess you intentionally overlooked the rest of the story in which "Just three years ago, Merryfield was quoted by a Wisconsin newspaper as being strongly critical of Prosser himself."

You know, when you do stuff like this, it makes you look really stupid... or like a used ice cream salesman.

Hey, do you sell expired ice cream too? or only expired politics? ;^)

Kevin Scheunemann said...

Let me get this straight...

You do not cherry pick?

I think its good for you to get a compassion lecture once in awhile. You have lacked compassion for taxpayers for long time.

What would you have done in Prosser's situation? Forced the victim to testify against his wishes?

If you say "yes", I think you lack compassion for the victim. If "no", then you would have done the exact same thing as Prosser, and its ridiculous for you to criticize him on the issue.

Is this what "progressivism" has been reduced to? Criticizing victims of sexual assault for political gain?

That's why you need a "compassion" lecture.

JPenterman said...

I worked in Stockbridge the summers of 1983 and 1984. Feeney's parish wasn't mine, but I went to church there and I was warned about him. I stayed away when I had to serve a wedding with him. Feeney hurt a lot of innocent boys in his prior parish(es), Stockbridge and afterward. Judges can protect the innocent and ensure their healing is prioritized. How many boys never got help? How did this affect them later? In anger and self-loathing (as is often the case), did they go on to hurt themselves or other people?

In the Feeney case, the church and diocese blew it and Prosser blew it.